Cheesy day

Sep. 26th, 2010 09:36 pm
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Kaitlin had some Grandma time while Will and I endulged in some cheese.

first the bad cheese.

Resident Evil: Afterlife. First one I saw all the way through. I like the fact that they had both Wesker and Chris in this movie. Also got to see the Tron Legacy Trailer. That would be a definate for us along with Harry Potter.

There was only a 3D option so we watched that. No head aches yay. I haven't seen a movie in 3D at the theaters since Jaws 3D and I didn't take the glasses off because I was afraid back then. I took them off because I was squicked out at that severed arm that was floating in front of me.

Then we had some good cheese. Grimaldi's pizza. My husband recieved an e-mail coupon for a large one topping dine in pizza. We printed out the coupon and ate there. I also ordered some antipasta for the both of us.
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The greeters were the first to go, but several people with guns and blunt and heavy objects took care of those that did break in. Several people created a better barricade with the carts.

Charisma hissed at one, she brave ran up, lashed at it with her claws, hissed and than ran back. It was odd since she only does that to dogs, and usually runs from people.

Spooky tripped one, not on purpose, but it caused the zombie to land on one of the registers and someone used the hand held scanner to beat it's brains in.

All while this was going on someone decided it would be amusing to play "Don't stop me now" over the speakers.

Several hours went by, and I managed to snooze. Revel woke me up and told me it was over.

Turns out the moan and groan zombies were defeated by the more traditional type of zombie, aka the Serpent and the Rainbow type. There was some testing and something went wrong and we have your flesh and brain eaters and they type they were trying to create. The S and R type ere immune to the other zombie bites and were able to defeat them. We don't have to fear them since they weren't really dead and the only thing they seem to crave is fried chicken.
spacebabie: River Tam and James Norrington...used when I write crossovers. (Oh crap)
I'm posting form inside a Walmart, finally was able to get internet access, Revel used the Fedup truck to pick up the cats, a few friends and his family and made it here.

There are a lot of folk in here, but we got plenty of food and other supplies, including ammo, got lots of ammo.

We also used up all the sea salt near every entrance.

I don't know when I will post again, maybe when the National Guard arrives, hopefully that will be soon.

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