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it is 75 degrees and perfect. We have the windows open. No need for the AC just nice fresh air.

I baked some Grands for breakfast and fried some eggs. I spread some Nutella on two of my biscuits.

and we got some Hershey caramel syrup. After I brewed my coffee I put it in the blender along with the Equal, some skim milk, ice and the caramel syrup. Yeeeeum and due to the milk being skim there was a nice thick head of foam. And I'm not sure why I didn't brew more coffee than usual and it was the same four spoons as always but after the second mug...the ice and milk increased the volume naturally I feel like this...

and no I didn't just post that because of Anton running around in his undies at the end *sheaths her cougar claws* Because that is how hyper and engergized I feel. I also had a real good sleep the night prior.

Also thinking about that movie since Robert Downey Junior is in it. If RDJ was my principal I would find every excuse possible to visit the principal's office.

Time to do laundry

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