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Had a really good Mother's day. I had a Mcdonald's Big Breakfast with Hotcakes for breakfast and recieved some Lush goodies and blue topaz and sapphire heart shaped earrings. My hubby is so wonderful for getting me them. The Lush stuff was a request and because I lost an earring that was also blue topaz and heart shaped, earrings I had since I was 15, he got me the new pair to replace them. I don't know if I can top that for Father's day, but I'll try.

We spent the day at Will's parents. I made a crochet phone bag for my mother and his mother and gave Kaitlin some Color Magic paper, glitter pens, Color Magic Markers, Color Magic finger paint and crayons and let her go nuts and after she was done I added a bit more glitter and some stick on shinies and turned them into cards.

Found out on mother's day that my mom was in the hospital, no one called to tell me she was there since the previous Wednesday. What a way to find out.

Called her today and she is home and doing much better.

A few days ago Will got Kaitlin an inflatable mini pool that has a waterfall and a slide. Dinosaur themed even came with two inflatable dinos. We played with that yesterday and boy did she love it.

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Mar. 7th, 2012 07:32 pm
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In laws will be moving to Virgina in a few months and my mother in law had asked if it was okay if Kaitlin would spend the night at least one day a week with them. It was okay with me and Will. She comes around two to pick up Kaitlin and returns her around noon on Thursday.

Will and I have Wednesday nights together. Last week we went to Red Lobster since there was a coupon. Will had kind of red fish. (Neither of us can remember) and I had the lobster and shrimp trio. The third part of the trio was a mac and cheese with spiral shaped pasta and it had shrimps, bits of lobster, bits of bacon and covered in crums. It was delicious and I wanted to bring some home for Kaitlin. ( she was not that interested and prefered the cheesy bread) Will and I shared the lava cookie dessert.

Well today he took a vacation day since he still had one left and chose today because the third Mass Effect game came out yesterday and it was waiting for him when he came home. His plan was to stay up as long as possible to play it. I let him sleep in while I gave Kaitlin her breakfast and watched some PBS kids. (Next Post will be about her favorite shows)

We had Papa John's tonight since what better food to go with playing video games than pizza? I gobbled up both peppers and am debating whether to have some ice cream or a slice of lemon pie.
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My mother Im'ed me not long ago, told me Patch had died this morning. I feel strange. A part of me should be sadder about this. I loved that dog. He gave big sloppy kisses, loved to play chew tug. He did some things that I didn't approve of like kill and injur a few birds, and chomp down on my foot when I was trying to seperate him and another dog. (The shoes I was wearing at the time had prevented the skin from being punctured) But he was a good dog.

Maybe the fact that I am not as sas as I should be is due to the fact he was an old dog. He was born in 1993, another reason may be because he was with the family in Florida and I'm living in Texas.

I miss that little scamp.

My hair is red. I dyed it yesterday.

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-I think I have had enough seafood to last for a while. Had dinner at a Spanish Restaurant on Thursday. I had the concoction of clams, mussles, shrimp and cod, oh so good. On Friday I had some crab legs, and on Saturday shrimp.

-We shall never ever ever have a gathering at that hotel, 106 bucks per person per night, and according to their contract you have to call 48 hours in advance to cancel. They did have several pools, plus a bakery, and the Internet was free.

-Revel's mother is like Greg Weisman, she does not need to use a microphone.

-Revel has a lot of fun relatives. His uncle Joe is quite the character, so is Josh, not a relative yet, but he is engaged to Revel's cousin Kate, who was not only born in the same year as me, but also loves shrimp and enjoys good coffee.

-More on Josh, cool guy, was born in Ireland but you can't really tell since there is no accent, he moved to the States when he was just a tot, although he joked that good way to tell that he is drunk is he is starting to sound Irish. He is also a part time comedian.

-I now know why Jack Sparrow walks the way he does and it isn't just the rum, after the Circle Line boat came in to dock it started to rock and we were walking like Jack when we came aboard.

-If you do go on the river tour, wear sunscreen.

-Greg, I am glad you came with us.
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Remind me not to order the Kung Pao Shrimp from that place ever again.

Next time I'll have something with beef.

Got some of my holiday baking done yesterday. Baked up a loaf of banana bread a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Friday I will be doing the last of the baking as well as packing. Like that songs states. "I will be home for Christmas." I haven't seen the folks since a whole year, actually over a year. I get to see my mommy, my daddy, my brother and the dogs: Patch, Rocco, Darcy and meet the new one, Keira.

I am goingto bring my laptop, although I will need a chord since they do not have a router.

I'm going to see if this water settles. If it does I'll have some gingerale.

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