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The three of us woke up early. We dropped of Kaitlin at her grandparents the day before with enough supplies to last for the weekened.

Not long after we hit the road, Autumn and I drifted off to sleep. Both of us woke up around Beaumonte and we got Micky D's for breakfast. We all got McGriddles and I had a caramel Frappe to drinl. Those new coffee drinks are real yummy but Starbucks caramel frappucino's are my favorite.

We drove on through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. We brought plenty of snack food to munch on in the car.

We reached the Marriot in Pensacola around a few minutes before three but since it was so close we got to check in anyway. After we set our stuff down I took a small nap.

We had pizza and wings and taters from the Florida Pizza kitchen.

After using the Wifi for a bit Will and I went down to the little cabana area near the pools and had some drinks. I had a couple of pina coladas. I got carded. SWEET. I still look underage.

We came back and went to bed.

Got up had breakfast at the breakfast area. came back to the room and put on our bathing suits and went to the beach. Strong currants but we still splashed around in the waves to look for shells.

That was when it rained. Just rain and no thunder or lightening and since we were already wet we stayed in the waves. The only problem was that the rain hurt. Yes the water droplets were pelting us and they were cold...luckily the waves were warm.

I got a little frustrated with the waves swiping away some of the good shells and finally started to beat up both the waves and the sand. Yes, fellow Gargoyles fans. I beat up a beach.

When I was done with the beach I showered off and went to the pool. My husband and Autumn joined me a few minutes later and we swam around for a bit before we sat down in the hot tub. That felt so nice.

After a nice good real shower with my travel mesh poof, shampoo, conditioner and soap we went to eat at a local place called Surf Burger and then to the Pensacola Zoo.

The one interesting detail about this zoo is that poultry roam around and they were not just in the petting zoo area either. There were chickens, ducks, peacocks and guinnea fowl just walking around. There were a couple of chicken families walking around: Hen, Rooster and chicks(SO CUTE!)

We started off in the petting zoo area that also had an island with lemurs in the middle. I got to feed goats, sheep, and a pig that got my hand dirty. There were also llamas.
Then we walked around the rest of the zoo.

We saw giraffes, various antelope and deer, all kinds of simian including a couple of marmosets that came to the front of the cage when I made a clicking sound and showed me which one was a boy and witch was a girl.

We saw birds of prey and vultures. We saw lions and tigers and bears oh my. They were not asleep either. They were chilling in the shade and one of the tigers was pacing near the back where they get fed. Similar to Spooky and Kaylee when they want their wet food. Except the tiger didn't do the "Feed me neowwwwww" cry.

After a trip to the reptile and bat house we rode the train and saw sloths, hippos, more antelope and deer, wildebeasts, ostriches, emus, zebra, African Wild dogs, gorillas and chimps. After the zoo we went back to the hotel.

Will and I went to the crab place we went to last year and we had the special 3 kind of crabs for two special. This was the first time my husband has ever shelled crab legs. I figured he should give it a trie since he does like Dealiest Catch. He like the snow crab and king crab but not as pleased with the Dunganess crab. We also got some fish in a to go box for Autumn since she wasn't in the mood to go.

The next day we got up, packed everything, paid for our stay and left. We made a side trip to N.O. French Quarter and I got some beignets at a place called Cafe Beignet. They were so good and worth the side trip.

Once we reached home Autumn had to make sure she had everything packed up drove back to Irving.

We went to pick up Kaitlin and had chinese food, and then came back home.

We went to Texas Roadhouse.

Kaitlin was not happy when we sat down. Not sure if it was because there was too much going on for her to take in or maybe it was because she didn't like their highchairs, or maybe she just doesn't like country music. She cried until Grandma cuddled her. The place had applesauce as a side dish and we got a small bowl for her that was not sweetened at all. She had several spoonfuls and it calmed her down. She played with her toys while the rest of us ate.

Date: 2010-08-23 05:49 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
or maybe she just doesn't like country music

There's hope for her yet ;)

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