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Today I saw beautiful works of at and listened to a lovely little concert...thanks to Mother Nature.

Yesterday we Walked around Downtown Suffolk, and we walked around a cemetery that is supposed to be haunted and saw stone angel statue. It was praying, not weeping.

Also saw Riddick's Folly, a famous house that when first built the people laughed at him. It was also the only house that didn't get burned down when the Union burnt the city back during the civil war.

Kaitlin cut her finger, dripped a lot of blood and got some on her shirt. She didn't cry when she did it. It was similar to a deep papercut. Her Meemaw put on a butterfly bandage and a regular bandaid and she is fine.

Half an hour later she stumbled down the stairs and she cried. I held her in my arms and calmed her down. Five minutes after that she was her usual giggly self.

Oh and I saw some wild turkeys yesterday.
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I can take a nap on even the so called claimed most uncomfortable couch there is.

The Japanese restaurant we had dinner was awesome. They brought out a small bowl of tofu cubes for Kaitlin. She didn't eat much but their suggestion was a good one.
The sushi was wonderful. We ordered a small tempura plate from the appetizer section for Katilin. She enjoyed the sweet potatoes, nommed on an onion ring and tried shrimp for the first time and she loved it. My baby loves shrimp. Gee I wonder where she got that from. They also suggested and brought out a small bowl of vanilla ice cream for Kaitlin at the end.

Autumn, Jonathon and I went to Movie Tavern that night. On Saturday evenings around Midnight they have something called Retro theater where they show an 80's movie. That night was Labyrinth. I was able to drink a hard lemonade and watch David Bowie be pure awesome.

I felt bad for Autumn though. Several of her friends came and it seemed like Autumn, Jonathon and I were the only ones who were not wasted. She was like "God damn these people weren't this stupid in highschool." After the movie she said. "I don't mind people quoting the movie or singing along to it but I don't care who went down on who in the bathroom."

Sunday started with bagels. Then we watched Tron Legacy. We went to a book store, then to a great burger place with big bugers and I ordered one that had guacamole on it and then we came back and watched Tangled.

Monday we came back home but we stopped off at a great Donut place that gave us a small bag full of glazed donut holes for free. Those I gave to Kaitlin.
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I actually rolled my ass out of bed before 9 in the morning today. I treated myself to Frappucino and a blueberry muffin and bought the AWE soundtrack.

I got plenty packed already, just a few more things. I also somehow managed to get an injury on the bottom of my toe, there is a red wound and a shallow scratch attatched. It couldn't have been the cats, cause I would have felt it.

And Sweet Jesus Christ on a candy pogo stick did I avoid some wankery going on in one of my fandoms. I only knew after coming across [ profile] galadhir 's LJ. I'm sorry you, [ profile] mrs_norrington had to go through that crap. Meta discussions should be fun, sure a little argument should be expected with the discussion, but folks shouldn't result to dog piling or name calling.

I can understand there is some whiners and BS insane people in the Pirates fandom, hell there is this sort of thing in Gargoyles and that is a small one in comparison...of course none are close to the WANKERY levels that go on in the Harry Potter Fandom.

Apparently my Spellcheck does not like the word: Wanker.

I need to get back to packing. Fly out to NJ tomorrow for the family Reunion, not my family reunion but my fiance's mother's family. Going to be spending the trip in NJ, New York City and Pennsylvania.

Anyway back to packing

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