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I can take a nap on even the so called claimed most uncomfortable couch there is.

The Japanese restaurant we had dinner was awesome. They brought out a small bowl of tofu cubes for Kaitlin. She didn't eat much but their suggestion was a good one.
The sushi was wonderful. We ordered a small tempura plate from the appetizer section for Katilin. She enjoyed the sweet potatoes, nommed on an onion ring and tried shrimp for the first time and she loved it. My baby loves shrimp. Gee I wonder where she got that from. They also suggested and brought out a small bowl of vanilla ice cream for Kaitlin at the end.

Autumn, Jonathon and I went to Movie Tavern that night. On Saturday evenings around Midnight they have something called Retro theater where they show an 80's movie. That night was Labyrinth. I was able to drink a hard lemonade and watch David Bowie be pure awesome.

I felt bad for Autumn though. Several of her friends came and it seemed like Autumn, Jonathon and I were the only ones who were not wasted. She was like "God damn these people weren't this stupid in highschool." After the movie she said. "I don't mind people quoting the movie or singing along to it but I don't care who went down on who in the bathroom."

Sunday started with bagels. Then we watched Tron Legacy. We went to a book store, then to a great burger place with big bugers and I ordered one that had guacamole on it and then we came back and watched Tangled.

Monday we came back home but we stopped off at a great Donut place that gave us a small bag full of glazed donut holes for free. Those I gave to Kaitlin.
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Finished season 5 of Bones. It will be a while before Season 6 comes to Netflix.

We got a good package on Monday from Amazon. 5 Disk set of Tron Legacy. We have Legacy on both DVD and Bluray and the first movie on Blu Ray, yeah we are going to get a Blu Ray player someday.

Yes it came on the day before the release. We were not expecting that, especially since it was delivered by UPS.

Fun fact about the original: Did you know both Jeff and Bruce had to wear dance belts because they both had very noticable bulges in their costumes? Now try to watch the first movie without staring at their crotches.

Kaitlin had a fun bubble bath yesterday. She watched me grab a handful of suds and blow on it making the flecks scatter. She tried to do the same and you can hear her making the same blowing sounds after she scooped some foam.

Also when I squirt her with her little octopi squirt toys she giggles.
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Kaitlin got a hold of my phone yesterday and called my mother and apparently she tried to have a conversation with her grandma.

Mardi Gras is late this year, usually its in Feb but it's going to be next week. I don't celebrate Mardi Gras but I do celebrate Pancake Day wich is the same day. I'll be fixing pancakes for dinner that day.

Charisma freaked out over my Rinzler figure yesterday. I still have him in his package and it was next to me on the couch. Charisma climbed across my lap and was about to walk next to it and when she noticed the figure she jumped backwards three times.

Really kinda funny considering the whole Kitty!Rinzler thing.

and as I was typing this Kaitlin kept pointing at the icon.
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Had a pretty good Valentines weekend. We did most of the celebrating on Sunday since Will had to work yesterday, making sure everyone got their flowers and candies delivered.

He got me some Godiva. A set of dessert truffles and a box of the milk chocolate collection. Yeeeeum. I had a gift card for Kohls and some actual paper cash on me so I used that to get him some nice new t-shirts, including a glow in the dark Ghostbusters shirt.

Then I hopped over to Wally World and bought me a couple of TRON related goodies, I got a recognizer and a Clu figure. As I was checking out the cashier asked me. "Are these for your little man, or for your big man?"
"They are for me actually."

We got a nice new white shelf for my dragon winged faeries I got for Christmas. I put the faeries on the shelf and Clu and the Recognizer.

We dropped Kaitlin off at Grandma's and we went to the north part of Houston, to the nearest Steak and Shake. We had coupons. I had a frisco melt with fries and a mint cookies and cream shake.

Last night Will can home with some Girl Scout cookies

Kaitlin has only one more week left to sleep with the bar on her feet, hopefully just one more week. She's walking, holy mac and cheese she is walking, er toddling now and she moves better than Maggie Simpson.

Loved the latest House.
"Champagne for everyone." And he leaves the bar.


Feb. 7th, 2011 11:08 am
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Get Away from My User
by ~Spacebabie on deviantART

It would be extremely stupid to threaten Alan Bradley if he was in Cyberspace and Tron was near, so just don't.

I'm very pleased with the pose. I was inspired by this one kick ass pose of Tron from the Betrayal comic.
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Watching the commercials...and that one Doritos commercial was creepy.

before we went to see Tron Legacy my husband wanted to see the first one because it had been a while since he had seen it but of course Disney had shelved it until this upcoming April, well we found it on Youtube, somebody posted it on the tube. The whole thing in one sitting and we watched it last night.

Ah nice to see Captain Sheridan and The Dude in tight pants again.

of course I helped manage to break my husband's brain with the scene involving Ram's death.

Me. "Slashy moment."

and then when Ram went "Oh my User." That was when Will put his head on the table.

Me. "Was it me?"

Will. "That and the way he said it."

and the end when the MCP was destroyed and everything was lit up.

Will. "It's the return of Cybertron."

Me while pointing at Yori. "She wants to Cyber Tron."
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Kaitlin got her cast of on tuesday and we are going to get her new shoes and bar today. She only has to wear it at night.

She also likes papaya.

She claps and points and when it's sunny we go outside and she crawls around the grass.

In art news I have been doing a lot of TRON related fanart. Pretty much Legacy related so don't click if you don't want to be spoiled.

Yin Yang
Quorra and Marv I still miss Thirteen on House
Castor sitting like Jareth
Chibisplosion Explains my previous post of Freaking Chibis

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