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Kaitlin has some favorite TV shows. Mostly they are part of PBS kids. She loves Sesame Street...especially Elmo's World. She loves the other Muppets as well and I do like the cute little spoofs of adult shows they do.

Kaitlin also likes Word World and when they build a word I try to do the same with her alphabet magnets and I'm quite impressed with the voice talent for that show. There are the classics like Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker and some of the voice actors who did dub work for Slayers and few other anime series.

One of her favorites is Clifford and another great vocal cast there including the late and great John Ritter as Clifford.

And then there is this series

She roars at the large theropods  and her mother is learning a few things. Ever hear of  Einiosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Confuciusornis, Cimolestes, or Lesothosaurus before? I didn't either before this show. Tiny Pteranodon is voiced by the same young actress as Sweetie Belle, and it is interesting to hear Rainbow Dash's voice coming out of the mouth of a young troodon.

Another cartoon she likes is the new My Little Pony cartoon, but she also likes the original series as well. So Ha.

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 last night and Kaitlin barely paid any attention to it. This morning I popped in Labyrinth and she was entrhalled. She stayed still and watched most of the movie.


Jan. 20th, 2012 12:01 pm
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Confession. Up until now I have never seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Watching it with Kaitlin right now...I've never seen Emporer's New Groove either.

Kaitlin had her doctor's appointment on Monday. It was for her two year check up. The doctor said she looked good, had a small heart murmur but it wasn't a major concern at this time. Kaitlin recieved a shot but she only made a face and didn't cry.

We have been watching Jack this week and next week. He's been a good dog and the only cat to hiss at him as been Charisma.

Autumn came to visit last weekend. We got some booze. Autumn got what she liked, Will wanted to try Bombay Sapphire and I got what I liked, aka some Disaronno. We had dinner at Steak N Shake.

I had some tomato soup last night and Charisma liked it. I let her lick the bowl. This is the most picky cat we own. She hates wet food and most people food.
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Horror movies are not my favorite genre but I will still watch them especially this time of year. Going through the watch it now on Netflix and get up a good list.

Now for a while when I was a kid I didn't like em. I didn't want to see them. Not because they scared me or anything it was the fact that I was afraid to be afraid. FDR was right.

That line of thinking was of course stupid since I was able to watch a whole lotta of scary movies and not get scared, not one little bit. I blame my parents on that. They got me desensitized at an early age. I blame them but I still love em for it.

I think my main issue with a lot of horror movies is the gore factor and I can handle all of that except for one thing that squicks me beyond all squicky things.

I can watch the that guy peel is face off in Poltergeist while eating shrimp in marinara sauce.

Billy Cole melting away in the original Fright Night No problem. That one guy that was full of bugs in the sequel? Bring it.

All that gross stuff in The Fly? No big.

The one thing I can't stand is bisecting. Ugh. That just squicks me out like nothing. When I was younger it was severed body parts now it's people being cut in half. It's the reason why I have to look away during certain scenes in Resident Evil, Ghost Ship and13 Ghosts guh...shudder.

Speaking of Horror. If you are a fan of the genre or are just in the mood for it because of the season then check out Creepy Kitch My friend [ profile] cinsangel Co runs it. They talk about all sorts of horror related stuff from the campy and cheesy to the down right you need a change of undies type of scary.

On the not so scary vein...probably will also watch Nightmare before Christmas

and on the not scary and very cute. My one dragon is almost grown up and I managed to grab two of the new black eggs.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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it is 75 degrees and perfect. We have the windows open. No need for the AC just nice fresh air.

I baked some Grands for breakfast and fried some eggs. I spread some Nutella on two of my biscuits.

and we got some Hershey caramel syrup. After I brewed my coffee I put it in the blender along with the Equal, some skim milk, ice and the caramel syrup. Yeeeeum and due to the milk being skim there was a nice thick head of foam. And I'm not sure why I didn't brew more coffee than usual and it was the same four spoons as always but after the second mug...the ice and milk increased the volume naturally I feel like this...

and no I didn't just post that because of Anton running around in his undies at the end *sheaths her cougar claws* Because that is how hyper and engergized I feel. I also had a real good sleep the night prior.

Also thinking about that movie since Robert Downey Junior is in it. If RDJ was my principal I would find every excuse possible to visit the principal's office.

Time to do laundry
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Might be news to some, but not to all.

A few months ago I found out they were remaking one of my favorite vampire movies from the 80s. Fright Night. Upon learning I texted this to my brother who responded "Blasphemy!!!!"

Now here is the thing with my brother. He likes horror movies. In fact he enjoys House on Haunted Hill, The Thing, The Fly, Dawn of the Dead, The Haunting and Thirteen Ghosts. Of course he only likes the REMAKE versions of the above. Because the originals are "So Old."

Seriously he does not like originals of many movies or the classics because they are "So Old." He even told me this about Close Encounters which in turn I called him a jackass since I'm older than that movie.

Well boy guess what. A bunch of teens and twenty somethings think the original Fright Night is "So Old." So take that, Hypocrite.

Now back to the remake. I was ticked at first and then I found out who was going to be in it. Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge
Anton Yelchin aka my Celebrity Cougarbait as Charley Brewster.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Mclovin) as Evil Ed.
Imogen Poots(Heh heh heh her last name is Poots) as Amy
Toni Colette as Charley's mom.
David Tennant aka the Tenth Doctor as Peter Vincent.

I read good things about the director and Marti Noxon is also working on it. She wrote some of my favorite Buffy episodes like "The Wish".

Gosh Darn it to Heck(Why am I swearing like the Mayor?) I was all set out to hate this but now that they have Colin, Anton and David and Marti is working on it? I actually would like to see this.

I will vow not to get ticked at the idea of remakes. I will be more open minded about them. I remember people being pissed about Tim Burton remaking Willy Wonka and I like both versions. So I will vow to be more open minded about these sort of things.

Now I am little iffy about what they are doing with the Peter Vincent character. In the original he was a washed up actor as a late night horror host played by the legendary Roddy McDowall. In the remake. Peter is a Chriss Angel type of magician in Vegas and played by that yummy David Tennant, and here is a picture under my cut.

The New Peter Vincent )

He looks like a mix of Chriss Angel, Captain Sparrow and Tony Stark. I'm trying to be open minded but that hair and...hello open buttoned shirt and tight leather pants that reveal his appendix scar. Some people are making icons of his crotch.

oookay enough of my rambling.

Edit. Here is what I was talking about. Behold the source of the Doctor's power.
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and by IT I mean the trainwreck where Michael Bay messed with my childhood.

Transformers )

I got my first temp gig tomorrow. It is only for one day, but I am atleast getting my feet wet.
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I bought myself the Wedding Date today, yes it is sacchrine rich, and yes it could be classified as a chick flick, but it was also a comedy, plus I got to see some ass, don''t know if it was Dermot's actuall tush, but it was nice ass.

Dermot Mulrony's character did come off a bit stuish, but then his character was an escort, he was paid to be perfect.

...and yes I was lured in by the fact Jack Davenport was in it. He did have some Steve Taylor moments. of the best characters ever.

The actress who played Amy seemed familiar, and it turns out she played Tara's cousin on Buffy.

And speaking of Jack well as Johnny Depp. I really need to see this movie

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