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and my stomach decides to reject everything..except for my thyroid medicine. I'm also coughing up a lot of gross stuff.

Kaitlin is fine. She's playing in her room although she is supposed to be napping. She watched her present from Uncle Buster. Cinderella. I had to laugh when she thought Lucifer looked like Sable.
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Today I saw beautiful works of at and listened to a lovely little concert...thanks to Mother Nature.

Yesterday we Walked around Downtown Suffolk, and we walked around a cemetery that is supposed to be haunted and saw stone angel statue. It was praying, not weeping.

Also saw Riddick's Folly, a famous house that when first built the people laughed at him. It was also the only house that didn't get burned down when the Union burnt the city back during the civil war.

Kaitlin cut her finger, dripped a lot of blood and got some on her shirt. She didn't cry when she did it. It was similar to a deep papercut. Her Meemaw put on a butterfly bandage and a regular bandaid and she is fine.

Half an hour later she stumbled down the stairs and she cried. I held her in my arms and calmed her down. Five minutes after that she was her usual giggly self.

Oh and I saw some wild turkeys yesterday.
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It wasn't as cold today as it was yesterday and took Kaitlin to the park. She went on a bunch of slides, tried out some swings, played in a small sandbox, listened to animal sounds, bounced on a see saw and spun around and when she was done spinning she was so dizzy she walked like a drunk person.

We also fed some squirrels.

When Will came home the two of us went to vote, after that we went to Target got a few things and then some burger meals from Culvers, yum.
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She is going to be a glitter fairy, and yes she picked it out. I asked her if she wanted to be a witch again, or a pirate, or a lady bug, or a Disney Princess or Super Girl as well as a fairy She wanted to be a fairy. I held up the two different kinds of fairy costumes and she wanted the pink glitter fairy.

Not going to fully dress. I'm just going to put on a wig, some Castiel wings and a little make up.
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My gift to him will be the Avengers via Preorder

One of Kaitlins gifts was to give her daddy me in a wet t-shirt after she splashed me during bath time.
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Noticed Spooky was losing weight and I took her to the vet a couple days ago. She had some blood work done and while waiting I took Kaitlin around the pet store and let her look at the animals. She loved looking at the fish, birds and mice. At this point all rodents are mice to her. We also saw some kitties in the adoption area and many brought in their pups, including a very cute little pitbull puppy.

Spooky had a bit of kidney and thyroid problems and urinary tract problems. They gave her a shot a prescription for a special can of food and recced she eat more senior food...especially high protein and low sodium food and very preferably wet food. This was easy because Spooky loves wet food.

While Spooky was getting blood work done and before I took Kaitlin around my little girl was very concerned for Spooky. She kept pointing to the door where they took Spooky and kept crying for her. I assured her Spooky would be fine.
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Had a really good Mother's day. I had a Mcdonald's Big Breakfast with Hotcakes for breakfast and recieved some Lush goodies and blue topaz and sapphire heart shaped earrings. My hubby is so wonderful for getting me them. The Lush stuff was a request and because I lost an earring that was also blue topaz and heart shaped, earrings I had since I was 15, he got me the new pair to replace them. I don't know if I can top that for Father's day, but I'll try.

We spent the day at Will's parents. I made a crochet phone bag for my mother and his mother and gave Kaitlin some Color Magic paper, glitter pens, Color Magic Markers, Color Magic finger paint and crayons and let her go nuts and after she was done I added a bit more glitter and some stick on shinies and turned them into cards.

Found out on mother's day that my mom was in the hospital, no one called to tell me she was there since the previous Wednesday. What a way to find out.

Called her today and she is home and doing much better.

A few days ago Will got Kaitlin an inflatable mini pool that has a waterfall and a slide. Dinosaur themed even came with two inflatable dinos. We played with that yesterday and boy did she love it.
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Yesterday I felt like crap. I was bummed as in I didn't want to get out of bed bummed. I did get up so I could take care of Kaitlin. I changed, her gave her breakfast and turned on PBS for her.

I made myself coffee and had some Cocoa Krispes and strawberries. That helped and after I ate I did some yarn work and watched Kaitlin dancing and laughing. THAT really improved my mood. I wanted to take her someplace and remmebered how I wanted to walk around the Portifino shopping area.

We walked around and checked out some shops. There was a Bath and Body works. I got some nice lotion infused lounge socks, a jar of bath soak and some spray on shimmer mist and a new duck for Kaitlin. Yeah, they have bath ducks there and they were bigger than the little one she already had and the one she liked was white and covered in colorful hearts. She liked that duck so much she took it to bed with her.

Next place was the pet store. I showed her all the fish, birds, and rodents. She saw some cats in the adoption center and dogs in the day care area. We got some cat litter then back to the car.

At Michaels we got some more yarn. They had some sparlke yarn and I wanted some of that fun fur stuff.

Then we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Kaitlin had the chicken strip kids basket and she mostly ate her fries and tried to feed some of her fries to her new duck and I had the teriyake wings. I was a little suprised with the decorum. I expected Texas related sports stuff, like items related to the Rockets, Astros, Texans and other Texas teams like the Cowboys. I did not expect to see a Florida Gators sign there, but there it was.

Once we were done we came home I put the remainder of Kaitlin's lunch in the Fridge and put Kaitlin in her crib for a nap. I grabbed the mail and then took a little nap myself.
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Had an interview today. My Mother in law came by and picked up Kaitlin and just as they were leaving Kaitlin tripped and her hand landed on one of the potted cacti on our front porch and ended up with a handful of spines. We removed them as best as we could and my MIL decided to take her to the doctor while I finished getting ready for the interview.

Kaitlin is doing well. She did not cry once, not even when she first landed and I was informed she was very friendly and chatty with everyone at the office. They gave her some toddler allergy medicine and removed them the best that they could and returned to their place with her.

I think I did pretty good at the interview. It was for a clerical position at the detention center and it was a little intimidating seeing the fences with razor wire and having to go through several gates and a metal detector.
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Went to the zoo yesterday. I wore my pair of Nikes that I have only worn about seven times before and the bottoms fell apart on my. There was a thin layer of shoe on the bottom and I could feel evertyhing I walked on, including the gravel and the nice spongy area in the kids section.

Kaitlin had a great time. She loved looking at the animals. She pointed at this one kind of antelope and said. "Look pony." In the kids section she played in the playground, pet the goats in the petting area and rode on the carousel. We had to put on a second coating of sunscreen on her because she was turning pink. I took a lot of pictures of the animals.

We returned to my in laws where Will was already there and we ate pizza for dinner. By the time we got back my hips were sore and so were my feet. I used a foot massage machine. I went to bed before my husband even though he had to wake up earlier than me. I was that tired.

Today I went and got a new pair of sneakers. There was a deal on Reeboks and with an extra discount I paid less than 37 dollars.
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Kaitlin has some favorite TV shows. Mostly they are part of PBS kids. She loves Sesame Street...especially Elmo's World. She loves the other Muppets as well and I do like the cute little spoofs of adult shows they do.

Kaitlin also likes Word World and when they build a word I try to do the same with her alphabet magnets and I'm quite impressed with the voice talent for that show. There are the classics like Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker and some of the voice actors who did dub work for Slayers and few other anime series.

One of her favorites is Clifford and another great vocal cast there including the late and great John Ritter as Clifford.

And then there is this series

She roars at the large theropods  and her mother is learning a few things. Ever hear of  Einiosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Confuciusornis, Cimolestes, or Lesothosaurus before? I didn't either before this show. Tiny Pteranodon is voiced by the same young actress as Sweetie Belle, and it is interesting to hear Rainbow Dash's voice coming out of the mouth of a young troodon.

Another cartoon she likes is the new My Little Pony cartoon, but she also likes the original series as well. So Ha.

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 last night and Kaitlin barely paid any attention to it. This morning I popped in Labyrinth and she was entrhalled. She stayed still and watched most of the movie.

Life Update

Mar. 7th, 2012 07:32 pm
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In laws will be moving to Virgina in a few months and my mother in law had asked if it was okay if Kaitlin would spend the night at least one day a week with them. It was okay with me and Will. She comes around two to pick up Kaitlin and returns her around noon on Thursday.

Will and I have Wednesday nights together. Last week we went to Red Lobster since there was a coupon. Will had kind of red fish. (Neither of us can remember) and I had the lobster and shrimp trio. The third part of the trio was a mac and cheese with spiral shaped pasta and it had shrimps, bits of lobster, bits of bacon and covered in crums. It was delicious and I wanted to bring some home for Kaitlin. ( she was not that interested and prefered the cheesy bread) Will and I shared the lava cookie dessert.

Well today he took a vacation day since he still had one left and chose today because the third Mass Effect game came out yesterday and it was waiting for him when he came home. His plan was to stay up as long as possible to play it. I let him sleep in while I gave Kaitlin her breakfast and watched some PBS kids. (Next Post will be about her favorite shows)

We had Papa John's tonight since what better food to go with playing video games than pizza? I gobbled up both peppers and am debating whether to have some ice cream or a slice of lemon pie.
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Went to Wal-Mart. Looked for a Pony shirt for Kaitlin, expecting to find one with Twilight Sparkle in the little girls section instead I found a shirt with G1 Cupcake. It was a little big for her, but she will grow into it and she will inherit Cupcake, most likely the next time we visit my parents, so I had to get it.


Jan. 20th, 2012 12:01 pm
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Confession. Up until now I have never seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Watching it with Kaitlin right now...I've never seen Emporer's New Groove either.

Kaitlin had her doctor's appointment on Monday. It was for her two year check up. The doctor said she looked good, had a small heart murmur but it wasn't a major concern at this time. Kaitlin recieved a shot but she only made a face and didn't cry.

We have been watching Jack this week and next week. He's been a good dog and the only cat to hiss at him as been Charisma.

Autumn came to visit last weekend. We got some booze. Autumn got what she liked, Will wanted to try Bombay Sapphire and I got what I liked, aka some Disaronno. We had dinner at Steak N Shake.

I had some tomato soup last night and Charisma liked it. I let her lick the bowl. This is the most picky cat we own. She hates wet food and most people food.
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Kaitlin's birthday. Today she is Two Years Old. Happy Birthday Kaitlin.
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So that last cold I got? Never really left me and after coughing for a month I finally went to the doctor. I recieved some medicine and renewed my prescription for my inhalents.

While waiting for my prescription to be filled we(My mother in law, Kaitlin and myself) got some lunch at McDonalds. I had a McRib meal and Kaitlin got her first Happymeal. She dunked both her chicken and fries in ketchup. Got some new clothes for her at Target.

Today Kaitlin and I went to spend some giftcards. First stop was for my mother's birthday and Kaitlin picked out the gift and the card. Really. I was reading one and she grabbed another and it was perfect.

The next stop was at Wally World. We needed a new pan and I wanted to get a Waffle Iron and got one that is also a griddle. After we finished shopping it was lunch at McDonalds again and I bought Kaitlin her first chocolate milkshake. She liked to dunk her fries in the shake...just like her momma, or maybe she justs like to dunk.

After Voldemart I filled the car with gas and then went to Michaels. I have been wanting to learn to crochet and while I did get some yarn at Voldemart I knew they would have better guide books at Michaels. There was a great how to kit that contained the book, needles and a few accessories.

When we returned I opened the windows, and while she napped I ate, took some medicine and then walked out barefoot to bring in the stuff I bought. Perfect temp. Warm enough to be barefoot, but not hot enough to turn the cement into an frying pan.
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Kaitlin picked up another virus although this one has hit me harder than the last one. I'm going to become BFF's with Nyquil again and Dayquil. In the morning I've been taking a vitamin C pill and a zinc pill and drinking plenty of juice and making sure she drinks plenty of juice. She likes mommy's V8 Fusions.

I got a knew phone. A Samsung Intensity II in metalic blue, not a smart phone but it can take pictures and access the Internet.

Been using these Boogie Wipes. They are nose tissues for toddlers but since they are so soothing I also use them.

I had soup tonight, tomato bisque and a grilled cheese sandwich. I can't remember the last time I had a tomato based soup, never knew it would have a bit of a sweet aftertaste.
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Kaitlin is looking good. We were concerned about her one foot that she has been dragging a bit. Turns out the bendyness is from her legs and both legs have then and it's normal for tots her age to have legs like that.

She didn't get scared this time. She did want to play with the bead coasters a little longer though. Came back home and gave her some lunch and now she has a nice nap.

I had some egg salad sandiwches with some tea and circus cookies. Got some new art inked. I drew Loki and a succubus/human not together.

Been pouring buckets on us, grass needed some rain and we haven't been really watering since that night it dropped down to 31 degrees.
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been toilet training the kid. We have been trying to teach Kaitlin on how to use the potty. The main problem is that five seconds after we sit her down she gets fussy, but we found a way for her to sit 5-10 minutes now. Books. She has a whole bunch of Clifford bucks that are short and light. I just grab a few of them and she will sit still while she flips through them or I turn the pages for her.

I have to drive to the bone clinic in Katy for her tomorrow. The last time we went the doctor scared her and she cried. He didn't do anything. He's just a big guy. I just don't like scaring her.
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My daughter. She does cute and silly stuff that I can't help but to laugh. My cats make me laugh when they play. My husband's jokes and quotes. Certain characters on certain shows. Dean Winchester and Castiel on Supernatural. Rick Castle gets me laughing so do Pete and Claudia on Warehouse 13 and I laugh when Jason Stackhouse says something stupid like when he was trying to "Parrot-Phrase"

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