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Whoa I had one of those dreams within a dream.

Main Dream. I was in a large room with a bunch of guys in suits and one of them looked like Leonardo Dicaprio and they were talking about looking at other peoples dreams and saying this one girl would have intense dreams.

I warned them mine were strange, like really strange.

We went in anyway. All I remember about that inner dream was getting drunk on Kahlua.

and here is the kicker...I have yet to see Inception. Waiting for it to arrive on Netflix
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Kaitlin had her cast removed a couple of days ago. She will be fitted with leg braces on tuesday. She wore a pair of shoes for the first time yesterday.

Had a dream with a big ole spider in it that was about the size of my hand. It was running around on the floor...and Kaylee was right behind it. She was chasing after it and trying to smack it with one of her paws.

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May. 13th, 2007 04:36 pm
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I have been having some strange dreams lately.

two nights ago I dreamed I had a nasty bug on my hand and before I could flick it off a mantis climbed onto my arm and killed the bad bug. Then another mantis crawled onto my arm and they decided to mate then and there. "Oh no, no breeding and canibalism after." I shook them off, and there were other critters on my hand and arm and I didn't know until they fell off, including lizards. WTF? Was I stoned in my dream?

Then I was in an arcade, except it was kiddified. I looked into an other room and there were more games, better games, including skiball, and there was a booth selling yummy looking stuff. I went into the other arcade, but right after I told Greg Weisman where I was going.

Last night I dreamed I was wrestling some British guy. I can't remember what he looked like except he was bald and had the accent. The funny thing was he was wearing a ridiculous outfit with stars and stripes and I was wearing the Union Jack, oh and I kicked his ass.

Last night I made this thing for Velvet cause she wasn't eating well. It was a custard made from milk, butter, egg, and mashed up cat food. She ate a little last night and some this morning.

We also took her to a regular vet. She said it might be a pinched nerve since she didn't feel the pinch test. The vet said to keep her movements restriction, get her a low cat littler pan, and make a little fence for her and a food and water dish.

Got material from Target for her. Cardboard display board, several of them to make into a border along with a bit of rope. I also got a couple of At World's End figures: Jack Sparrow and Norrington. I also needed a steering wheel cover, and I picked a pink one because it was the lightest color and thus absorbs less heat. I swear I am getting married to Steve Taylor cause Will kept giving me a hard time because it was pink.

"I am not driving your car anymore," and "You are paying for this stuff for certain." All because of the
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I could make a post about Wolfsbane and Dragomir in the Station 8 CR.

but instead I'll talk about dragons.

Because that was what I dreamed of. Some fantasy world setting with a elite fighting force that rode on dragons. There was even this beautifl flying formation of them.

The dragons were not too big. They were somewhere between the size of a clydesdale and an elephant.

And at the end I thought that dream was over cause I was in some English pub. Then one of the drago riding women stepped out of the back roomto talk with the bar tender. I peer around and saw two dragons back ther.

They had the disposition of a loyal puppy, kitty, horse. Closed their eyes wile I pet them.
spacebabie: River Tam and James Norrington...used when I write crossovers. (WTF)
Strange dream last night.

It started with me at the Google site and the message bar was shimmering and wavering like water. The more I kept looking at it the bigger the window got until I was able to stpe through it and I did.

I ended up in the backyard, next to the pool and it was night and the pool was different. It was lit up by different colored lights.

There was a fountain in the spa part and when I stared into it there was a square shaped object. I reached for it and pulled out a perfectly dry book with a padlook and a key on a chain.

The book had the words Holy Grail on the cover. Everyone else who looked at the Grail book saw a different book. Only one other person saw it as the Holy Grail book. I have no ide what that meant, unless those who could see what the book truly was were supposed to be the ones to go on some sort of quest.

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