One of the reasons I got this account was to use as a writing journal for posting fics both fan and original. Well I'll be posting them soon. At least the current crossover that I am working on.
One thing you can't do on facebook and that's post these babies.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

Grabbed a few more

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Jan. 10th, 2013 01:00 pm
Just found out the fungal infection in my mother's lungs have worsened. :( She will be getting treatment on Tuesday.
and my stomach decides to reject everything..except for my thyroid medicine. I'm also coughing up a lot of gross stuff.

Kaitlin is fine. She's playing in her room although she is supposed to be napping. She watched her present from Uncle Buster. Cinderella. I had to laugh when she thought Lucifer looked like Sable.
Once again got a good haul

Coffee from Barnies

Bath goodies from Lush

cute T-shirts

The Porky's collection

An electric facial massager


Amazon gift card

Two Aliens

A kittens calender

A Supernatural Calender

and some jewelry

Kaitlin received a good load of toys.
While she slumbers her daddy will be putting together her big toy and we will both be putting the presents under the trees and I will be filling up the stockings.
"I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural meaning of the apocalypse."

How many has that been.

Well I've been baking and working and there was a Christmas party at the daycare today for Kaitlin.

Made stuffed shells for dinner.

Looking forward to Christmas.
I have almost all my Christmas gifts bought. All the ones that have to be shipped have been bought. I just need to wrap them...and the paper is in Kaitlin's room and she is napping right now.

It also looks like have a job. It might be just seasonal but they are willing to let me work just weekends so I can stay with Kaitlin for the rest of the week.

Cats presents have been bought...even though they deserve coal sometimes, but then again cats might think coal is a toy. I also got some no chew spray to put on the tree.

The house is all decorate right now and so is the outside. I did get a few things at Michaels to spruce up the wreath and make it pretty and sparkly.
Now all I gotta do is play the waiting game. I also redeemed some points for gift cards at the places I do surveys.
Just the three of us this year. We bought a small precooked turkey. I also used one of those Fleishman's no knew bread and baked a loaf. We will also have a veggie mix, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, mashed turnips and cranberry sauce in jellied form.

Watched the parade tonight. Saw Will's highschool's marching band.

Kaitlin liked the balloons and the music and some of the floats...especially Sesame Street.
Just saw it and it was a very cute movie many heartwarming moments many awesome moments and a nice twist that I will not spoil. I love seeing cameos from my old favorites and I wonder if this movie will give Q-bert a reboot or at least a boost in his popularity.
Today I saw beautiful works of at and listened to a lovely little concert...thanks to Mother Nature.

Yesterday we Walked around Downtown Suffolk, and we walked around a cemetery that is supposed to be haunted and saw stone angel statue. It was praying, not weeping.

Also saw Riddick's Folly, a famous house that when first built the people laughed at him. It was also the only house that didn't get burned down when the Union burnt the city back during the civil war.

Kaitlin cut her finger, dripped a lot of blood and got some on her shirt. She didn't cry when she did it. It was similar to a deep papercut. Her Meemaw put on a butterfly bandage and a regular bandaid and she is fine.

Half an hour later she stumbled down the stairs and she cried. I held her in my arms and calmed her down. Five minutes after that she was her usual giggly self.

Oh and I saw some wild turkeys yesterday.

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